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Neun reisefreudige Fotografen machten sich auf den Weg nach Kopenhagen: Kerstin, Barbara, Martin, Antje, Bob, Holger, Katrin, Angélica und Dirk. Unsere Gruppe traf sich früh morgens mit Fotoequipment schwer beladen am Gate im Düsseldorfer Flughafen. Wir freuten uns auf die … Continue reading

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Trapped in a bubble

enjoying the surrounding from a different perspective…in an amusing way retired from the world…seeing things in another light…trying to keep balancing or just lying and resting…without noise disturbs…may be allowing you to hear your inner voice and to glimpse into … Continue reading

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Gypsy children


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I think I haven’t mentioned jet: I love people-watching immensely. It’s for me an enormously interesting activity and to make it absolutely perfect I need to have my camera or at least my iPhone ready to shoot. It can be … Continue reading

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Flash of inspiration

The start of a new year is peak season for travel planning and booking. As I don’t love to spend half winter as an armchair traveller, I thought Paris would be the right city to get the first flash of … Continue reading

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The other face half

Who doesn’t associate immediately Paris with exquisite fashion, deep love, excessive glamour, decadent luxury, formidable food and beautiful people? But how does the other face half of this city, really look like? In my trips I’m always forward to discover … Continue reading

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