Switching roles

switching roles title-

This time I was not asked to make photographs. I was asked to pose for photographs.

I agreed.

We drove to a former slaughterhouse. The abandoned building is placed on top of a hill with an astonishing view on the Andalusian valley.

As soon as I entered the interior I noticed the building is kept alive by committed graffiti sprayer.

I’m not really used to standing in front of the lens and I must admit it was at first quite strange.

When I stand behind the camera I know exactly what I have to do. I know how to keep the shooting under control.

But while playing my new character I felt completely helpless. I waited for instructions and hoped silently I could manage my assigned model role.

I covered up my tenseness and tried to ignore the cold wind which blew through the open construction. I was asked to change my styling using different accessories. I even bravely wore too loud colours which I would never wear freely.

Even if the shooting was not too long it seemed to me like an eternity.

Definitely I prefer being the photograph and standing behind the lens telling the model what to do.

But switching roles taught me how inexperienced models feel like and gives me a better understanding of the happening in their minds. Hereby I hope improving my skills as a portrait photographer and moving one step forward.

Now I’m expecting delighted my next portrait shooting which will fortunately be very soon.

Photos Almut Adler / Dirk Goede

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