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paris by day
The start of a new year is peak season for travel planning and booking.
As I don’t love to spend half winter as an armchair traveller, I thought Paris would be the right city to get the first flash of inspiration of the year.
The days in Paris fed my travel hunger the way an appetizer increases your appetite before starting the main course of your dinner.
Fortunately I could gather ideas that will stretch my boundaries further.
In Paris it’s all about beauty, art, fashion, food.
The glamour of the city disguises the maybe less pretty urban face.
Wealthy peasants are so busy admiring the luxury showcases of the grand magazines showing up the upcoming trends that the beggars remain unnoticed.
Wherever you look you see rushing pedestrians.
Everyone seems to be in a hurry, the whole day long.
People carrying business cases, perfect starched laundry, fresh vegetables from the market, warm baguettes, talking agitatedly on their cells.

There only seems to be one occasion where people in Paris calm down.
At the very moment people go for a café or sit down to enjoy mouth-watering meals they seem to forget their worries and emerge into another world. A world of delight and pleasure.
They take their time for enjoying life.

Luckily I’ve been infected with the virus ‘plaisier de vivre’ and took French high spirits with me.
As usual I didn’t come back from the journey, the way I was when I departed….

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