New Year’s resolution

new years resolution
Do I have a New Years resolution for 2014? Yes and no. Both. I decided to retake the idea of keeping in flow with everything that moulds my life and my thoughts.
I hope my body, my mind and my soul keeping in constant motion.
‘Please, don’t stagnate!’ I shout to them.
I guess this is my way of keeping in balance with the changing surrounding. It’s all a question of counterpoise, of equilibrium.
Retaking an old resolution idea may seem at first sight a kind of boring, but not for me.

I want to keep my words, my creativity, my thoughts, in continuous move, shaping new ideas, lyrics, photos, pictures, stories, designs.
I wish not being distracted from my aims and if I do, I wish to find back soon to my chosen path.
I’m willing to follow my personal way, wanting to define its borders and boundaries. But observing my surrounding for new motifs and stimuli, hoping my imagination being tickled.
I invite you to join me in my search of bewitching sensual allures pursuing new avenues….
new years resolution end

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