Discovering a new world

A new world opens its wide spaces. Unknown and not ever noticed dimensions show up. Miniatures playing pranks. Expanding and shrinking sizes playing tricks. They have fun laughing at others.
A giant brown serpent is resting comfortable under the soft September sun. Only when it starts trembling it turns out that the snake is not a poisonous enemy. The scaring reptile is just a dry blade of grass trying to survive for just one more day. Graceful and inoffensive grass.
Suddenly a deep black dangerous creature appears from behind a tree trunk. The glossy carcase looks frightening by each step it makes. Immensely terrifying. But the big monster turns away decidedly. It continues its march in the opposite direction as it is heading for an important appointment.
The wild lush greenery indicates to a dense jungle region but elegant palm trees indicate to a coast landscape as well. Opposite panoramas bump here strangely together. The sundown colours the sky. Blue and magenta emphasizing the fresh and velvety skin of verdant weeds.
Amazon jungle? Caribbean coast?
A smell of wet ground sweetens the air. The warm wind blows the scent in between the exotic plants. Filigree leaves shivering as the wind flows delicately between green sprouts.
An almost imperceptible crackling announces a crawling bug. Its strong legs are fighting against rebellious and impenetrable thickets. Even though its great effort it seems to be used to strike its way through the frizzy wilderness. Blinded from the white sun rays it continues its arduous course disappearing in the shadow of the undergrowth.
The sound of flowing water increases suddenly. The strength of the icy gust struggles for dominating the placid scenery. The gurgling becomes omnipresent. The beguiling sound turns meditative. Only a sharp ray of white light dares confrontation with the lapping rhythm. The coldness of the shiny lance risks the encounter with the rebellious reflecting surface allowing scattered light particles to dance like silver dust in the air.
Will this colourful world survive merrily or will this vision fade sadly by sun set?

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