In permanent motion

permanent in motion
Light falls through the filigree white concrete structure like water through a sieve.
It’s high summer and the sun rays reach its peak. I have to protect my eyes from the radiant light and I enjoy standing in middle of a deep shadow grid.
Light fall is changing continuously. The non stopping process fascinates me.
It changes my mood. It also changes the mood of the Wallonian station.
I spent many hours of this summer Saturday observing every flow: direction of light rays, walking shadows, wandering peasants and the suggested motion of the roof wave.
Every once and then when I glance at the station clock, I recognize a new stage setting.
Everything in permanent move.
The Liège Guillemins railway station by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is the nod of movement and contrast.
For times the small station seems to be deserted until the high-speed train Thalys, heading the Gare du Nord, reaches Liège. Suddenly the train platforms turn busy. People carrying big shopping bags, pushing prams, walking loaded bicycles, fighting with heavy luggage, fill unexpected the transparent designed junction.
I’m amazed about the constant metamorphosis taking place in front of my eyes.
This rail station is too good to only drive through sitting in an air-conditioned high-speed train. It’s always worth a trip. That’s why I’ll soon travel back to Liège.

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