The most beautiful book store

Maastricht book shop-1740

I love books immensely. I adore having them in my hands and caressing their silky pages and even more if they seduce me with beautiful photography. I visit very often bookshops in Düsseldorf but I have to admit that I also frequently order books online. I cannot have enough books at home. Books about art, architecture, photography, cooking, handcrafts, novels….It’s a real addiction but I don’t want to give it up.
It’s an addiction I feel proud about.
I always have to enter every book store I pass by when I’m travelling and to leave the store with empty hands is almost impossible.
Today I spent the day in Maastricht and visited probably the most beautiful bookshop in Europe. The book shop Selexyz Dominikanen  is housed in the oldest Gothic cathedral of the Netherlands.
Sadly the maintenance of churches is getting more and more expensive in Europe and many sacral buildings are being closed or even worse being demolished.
I’m positively impressed about the easiness with which Dutch people convert a not anymore affordable church for a new purpose. This Dominican church has already been used as boxing ring, stable, Christmas market and carneval venue.
I was instantly overwhelmed as I passed the church doorway. As I entered the store I saw soft light rays falling through the Gothic rose windows stroking softly the book spines.
A steel construction is discretely placed on a side wing of the church and climbing the stair flats you get so close to the original frescoes that you can almost touch heaven.
The light stair flats lead to narrow floating storeys filled with books. The delicate construction stands in a respectful distance from the antique building structure between the imposing gothic pillars.
Not only the sight at the cupola paintings but down to the carved stone floor is gorgeous.
I deeply hope this majestic cathedral will continue sheltering the wisdom and beauty of books for a very long time.

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