A voyage to Lilliput

Big Air Package 015

I’m always very excited when I visit the biggest art venue Europe’s: the Gasometer. And this time I certainly had a good reason for being excited.

As I passed through the heavy doorways, I stood astonished feeling like a midget beside the white giant which immediately reminded me of Gulliver’s travels. During Gulliver’s first voyage, he is washed ashore after a shipwreck and finds himself a prisoner of a race of tiny people, who are inhabitants of the island country of Lilliput. Indeed, I feel like a Lilliputian. I walk around the huge white package. It seems to float inside the enormous industrial building.

The strong ropes hold the giant preventing the fabric structure from collapsing. The slow oscillation of the imposing package is almost imperceptible. The light rays falling through the upper opening of the Gasometer make the white translucent surface look soft and velvety.

Climbing the stairs into the inner of the structure, I feel like being swallowed by the giant. Despite of the slightly high air pressure inside the giant’s belly I feel sheltered and comfortable.

The room is not only flooded with light, but also filled with diffuse light. The voices and the sound of steps are pleasantly muffled and damped down.

The giant gives me assurance of his good behavior and becomes soon my favorite.

I deeply admire Christo’s and Jeanne-Claude’s work. With the Big Air Package  Christo once again transcends boundaries transforming the Gasometer into a unique Cathedral of light and air.

Another work of joy and beauty…

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