Not love at first sight

I already knew Palermo is usually not love at first sight.
Hail and heavy rain alternately welcomed me. I only had to walk 800 meters from the central station to the hotel. Unfortunately I encircled my destination without finding it.
I found no one who knew the street I was looking for. At the time I arrived at my accommodation I was completely wet and my hands and feet were fully frozen.
Regrettably the rain didn’t stop pouring for the next two days. The adverse weather made it very difficult to me to recognise the charm of the fading facades of the city. The old slippery stone streets, the washed-out walls and the overgrown cornices could not tell me fluently their stories. Only during short rain pauses I could listen to the with history overfilled surrounding. The buildings wanted to talk to me but they were constantly being interrupted by stubborn and windy rainfalls. Our attempt of conversation was permanently broken off.
The portico of the Cathedral of Palermo invited me friendly to enter the church. Only inside the Cathedral it was possible to listen to the voice of the walls. They sheltered me from the inclement weather and started showing me the beauty of the city. The wide variety of architectural styles in the church showed me a long and rich history of additions, alterations and restorations. This is probably one of the world’s most eclectic ecclesiastical architecture examples.
Covered by the warm light falling through couples and windows I start understanding the rich Sicilian culture.
Luckily I’ll be visiting the city some days later and I will enjoy a pleasant time here…

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