Preparing the next fotowalk

green layers II
Today I started preparing a new fotowalk. I got up very early, checked my camera and drove to our next show place. It was really gorgeous discovering by my own the new route. My south American friends wouldn’t believe if I tell we have now tropical weather in Germany. Humid and hot. Making you sweat constantly. All day long.
After leaving one third of the course behind me I felt tiny refreshing drops on my skin. The weather forecast had announced rain for the afternoon. Not for the morning.
The drops started growing and pouring faster and tighter. I found shelter for a short time but I soon realised this wasn’t ideal weather to continue walking with my camera.
Against my original intention I had to break off unpredicted my one-man excursion. But I assure you that I’ll be back to this beautiful place very soon.
Perhaps I made you a little bit curious but I won’t reveal the destination. I will tell you at a later time. I’m sure you’ll love this place as much as I do.

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