Counting down the days

I’m counting down the days for starting our trip to Copenhagen. I’m really excited. Not only for visiting for first time this beautiful capital city by the water. But because I’ll be guiding the trip for a group. If you want to know it more concrete, for a group of photographs. I have already guided trips but to cities I already knew well before travelling with the group. This time I’ve planned a voyage to a city I have never been to before. Yes, I know. It sounds crazy. A case of acute madness. But luckily happy craziness.
However, now I’m joyously looking ahead and planing the journey. Selecting modern architecture highlights and showplaces. Choosing restaurants. Trying to put myself in place of the other group members and putting apart my own preferences. Or at least willing to see through other’s eyes. While planning I’m continuously battling with the north European weather uncertainty. Full of anticipation I’m already strolling virtually through iconic streets and navigating through undulating waters. I imagine myself standing astonished in front of world class buildings and minimalistic Scandinavian design. I have dedicated a long time weighing up attractions and expositions. Hoping to have taken the best choice.

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