Rush hour

Rush hour
Faceless people in hurry, rushing for catching a train, for arriving to a meeting. Breathless. Huffing and puffing. Coffee to go in one hand, a smartphone in the other. Mechanically moving without perceiving the multicoloured play in which they are unaware participating.
Actors in a daily repeating scene. A never ending play. A continuous loop.
The smart businessman in his dark tailor-made suit buying unvaried at the same morning time the same newspaper as the morning before.
The young designer carrying nervous his precious notebook containing the results of arduous night work.
The old vendor returning continuously change like remote controlled.
No one seeming to be amused or happy. Masses of blank faces. Inexpressive physiognomies.
Soulless bodies moving along mechanically.
Only bright lights and glaring advertisement suggesting joy and delight. Trying to reach the seemingly indifferent passers-by.
Everywhere loud screaming selling goods trying useless to attract the attention of passing pedestrians. Wanting desperately to be taken away to a calm place. Dreaming from pleasant repose.
Expectantly awaiting.

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