Walking through a world of lights

I walk in the moonless dark through the frozen Gruga Park. With half frozen and aching fingers I ask myself why I’m here and not at home sitting in front of my fireplace.
Suddenly I discover them. Luminous creatures appear in the darkness smiling at me and inviting me to continue my way. Their brightness calm the biting wind turning it almost into a soft breeze.
Step by step I immerse in a fantastic world which turns alive and vivid. Floating figures wake up from a deep sleep and seem to talk to me. Dancing lampions, shaking discs, luminous bars, floodlit tree trunks….
I feel like being observed by a mischievous dwarf who is hiding behind glooming leaves.
Walking through the enchanted forest I hope seeing a beautiful princess riding on her white horse.
Magical colours and forms transfer me into an extraterrestrial landscape I’ve never visited before.
Soft piano tunes attract me to a placid lake surrounded by waving grass showing proud coloured stripes.
Violet trees admire their elegant branches reflected on the freezing water surface.
The playful light objects are like a warm light shower during the long European winter. The radiant illumination strokes tenderly my senses and give me hope bright days will soon come again.
Walking through the world of lights was for me like living a fairytale.

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