Colours of autumn

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A gorgeous autumn day invites for an extended walk through nature. To watch the constantly changing environment, to be part of this process flow for a tiny period of time.
Through the lens of my camera I luckily perceive my surrounding much more intensely as just walking distractedly around without really observing.
When thinking of autumn warm reddish colours jump rashly to my mind.
Surprisingly is fall much more colourful than we imagine.
Enclosed in the autumnal yellowing I admire the radiant purple of silky blossoms swaying softly in the wind.
The light is bright but much whiter than a month ago. The low-hanging sun dazzles my eyes. Willows arrayed on their green dance floor waiting for the orchestra to start the musical performance.

While holding my camera, I not only see much more but my senses sharpen and my awareness turns watchful.
I listen attentively to the audible rhythm of my shoes maltreating shiny pebbles stones. At the next moment my shoes kicking through piles of dry lifeless leaves grounding the foliage to delicate autumnal confetti. No other noises around me. Perhaps the sound of my steps is so boisterous that I don’t take notice of other sounds.
A muskrat chewing with joy wet grass blades. Its fur shining in the October sun. Disliking my intrusive presence the muskrat turns me its back indifferently.
A coat of chilly air wraps me even though the warmth of the sun rays caress my face and my hands.

Naked trees rising their gnarly arms up to heaven while mirroring on smooth water surfaces. Their nudity makes them look vulnerable and sad. It seems to me as if they were praying to God for a never ending summer.
The smell of wet earth and moist soil reminds me bold of the gradually fading summer.
Rotting and macerating leaves floating in the lakeshore oblige me to bid farewell to the hottest and loudest season of the year.
But today I’m not ready for a good bye. I refuse by now to let the summer go. I desperately need to prolong my inner summer feeling to a maximum. I’ll keep observing the daily changes tirelessly until the day I can say ‘goodbye summer’ with a smile on my lips.

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