Weird world

Carnival fishing blue
I strongly believe there is no objective given outside reality.
Everything is playing in our minds and the diversity of thought should always keep in flow.
I see images which steer me to think seriously about our planet earth. About my immediate surroundings.
Is this the planet which we inhabit?
Are these images just in our wild imagination?
Maybe our brain is playing us a trick again.
Fantastic and dream like views.

Illusory places allowing me to have a new and revolutionary world perception. Like a drama play that leads me to a visional understanding of our world.
Weird images which modify my train of thought. I rethink my relation to the world. I experience a slight change. A change of perspective.
My surreal reality affects my awareness. I feel like having gained a tremendous amount of wealth.
Surreality is real and has no borders.
Fiction dreaming or future reality?
orange landscape

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