Dangling carnival souls

Tired visitor
Worldwide is carnival known as time to celebrate. Time to disguise. Time to wear fancy dresses and partying.
As soon as you mention the term carnival your mind starts thinking about historical costumes in Venice, colourful dressed up people in Rio de Janeiro.
Nowadays people won’t wear elaborate dresses and masks with the purpose of chasing nasty winter spirits away, but for having fun and getting out of their day-to-day life.
Just another sunday walk
Beside well known carnival customs in Latin America, around the Caribbean, Russia and Europe I have noted another way of spending carnival time, which is getting more and more popular.
At the moment you drift from the masses you’ll soon notice how many people celebrate carnival in a very serene way.
It astonishes how many persons flee from hustle and tumult, looking for calm in solitary places.
Singles, couples, families or friends look for destinations where they can find to themselves and let their spirits flow. Far away from animation programs. Far away from hectic.
Just desiring to leave the spirit to rest a little while, allowing the soul to dangle.
Carnival fishing

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