Windows with new perspectives

Once again the Academy of Arts of Düsseldorf opened its doors for visitors.
Works of current students are shown five days long and what’s best is you can meet them and even exchange ideas.
Every workshop and hallway displays not only tangible objects but also audible tunes and performances.
Wherever you look at, you discover sculptures and installations made of fabrics, recycled material, filigree concrete, hammered metal, broken bricks, coloured resin or painted glass used in ways you not usually see.
Walking through the exhibition is every time an overwhelming experience for my senses. And I really mean all my senses, specially my emotions.
For me it’s not a question of liking or disliking as you do in Facebook. I think it’s an approaching process between the object and the observer. An interaction between both which should show the intention of the creative developing.
It’s anything but easy to find out what the artist wanted to express.
The challenge is not to choose my favourites. It’s to try to understand the concept or at least to make my own opinion about the person behind the piece and the idea.
This laborious inquiring process enriches my view of life opening windows with new and exiting perspectives.
Thank you Kunstakademie for this gorgeous gift!

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